• Cable-Protector

    PROTECTIVE CABLE CONCEALMENT: Rugged, reliable & durable cable cover ramp that is sage and ideal for high “walking-traffic” areas. It comes in bright yellow color to provide high visibility & additional safety to passers-by






  • Corner Guard

    High visibility yellow stripes or reflective sheet Helps protect wall corners from accidental damage
    Reflective yellow safety strips bring attention to wall corner
    Great for use outside or inside
    (6) Recessed 3/8″ mount holes (hardware not included)
    Heavy duty all weather rubber construction

  • Delineators and Fixable Posts

    Unbroken – with elastic reflective tape , unbroken when bending – Rebound spring,  flexible design –Sign  board, warning light or chain can be attached by adaptor

  • Foldable-Barriers

    EN 13422 certified reflective sheeting,Easy folding base for min. storage space,Practical usage and handling with weighted base; max. stability,Bi-directional warning,Customized panel graphics available on request,Integral threaded socket and carrying handles,Lamp & signboard can be attached,Operating temperature range: -20°C/+60°C

  • Parking Barrier Lock

    Solar & battery energy circuit,Parking barrier Two remote controls and 2 keys for each barrier, fixed on pavement by screws,Oval shaped body with ‘ NO parking “ logo,Fixed by three screws, under the cover locked by key,Alarm sensor , triggered by any unauthorized attempt to open manually,

  • Plastic Signs and Accessories

    Durable plastic signs printed with UV ink on either 3MM or 6MM PVC plastic (sintra). Affordable, long-lasting signs for all your business’ needs and great for indoor or outdoor use!

  • Plastic-Barrier-Set

    Reflective sheeting – Attaching socket – warning light or sign board can be attached – Easy  assembly ,portable, Customizable board,Sign board or flashing light can be easily attached to main set

  • Portable Signs

    4 cat eyes – collapsible – Bi warning – Customized Sign Stackable – Carrying handle

  • Post Barriers

    Easily mountable/demountable handle and weighted base,Can be stacked during carriage and storage,flexible material which prevents damage for weighted base,weighted base has joggle-locked joint system; max. stability with spring designed stand which can be bendable to max. 30°;high durability and unbreakable,High quality material and reflective stripesintegral chain hole and threaded socket in handle partLamp, signboard & chain can be attached,operating temperature range: -20°C/+60°C

  • Queue-Barriers

    Steel base which has stronger ability against the wind than ordinary bases.No rust, strength evenly, protect the floor not to be friction.4- way adapter for convenient control management setups.Manual locking belt end clip.Each post comes with its own belt assembly.Available belt colors: Red, Blue, Black

  • Reflective-Sheets-By-MN-Tech

    Reflective sheeting for road and traffic Vertical Sign.
    According to ASTM standard, we have type 1, 4, 8, 9 as well as Electronic cut
    Equivalent Quality to 3M and Avery with reasonable price.

  • Road Separators

    Cross shaped retro reflective lens – linear warning

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