Rubber Speed Bump in UAE

Cable protector, Speed humps, Cable ramps

Rubber Speed Bumps are made rubber. This rubber speed bumps are designed to reduce and control the speed of vehicles in parking areas and roadways. Our speed bumps include high visibility yellow stripes which are molded into the speed bump for durability and for increased visibility.


The Rubber Speed Humps are designed to reduce the speed of the vehicle.


The Speed Humps are made of high impact resistance moulded rubber. They have excellent weather resistance and abrasion resistance quality.


The Heavy Duty Speed Humps are available in the following sizes:
25cm,50cm and 1mtr


The standard lengths of the Rubber Speed Bumps are 500mm and 250mm.


Speed Humps can be fixed using rawl bolts in alternate black and yellow humps with end caps.

We provide black and yellow speed bumps.

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